Published: 04-03-2014 14:48 | Updated: 11-06-2014 13:34

Kick-off on the 3rd of March for the new Centre for Alzheimer Research

The aim of the centre is to work as a hub for KI's research on Alzheimer disease and other dementia.

The centre involves the following units

  • Aging Research Center (ARC)
  • Division of Clinical Geriatrics
  • Division of Neurogeriatrics (former Division of KI-ADRC)
  • Division of Neurodegeneration
  • Division of Translational Alzheimer Neurobiology

Directors are Agneta Nordberg and Bengt Winblad.

Other aims are to increase collaborations between divisions at NVS, with other departments at KI, with other universities and with the health care (SLL).

Symbolic joining of divisions into the new centre.

Dean of Research Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren talked about successful established centres at KI.

Photographer:Taher Darreh-Shori