Published: 28-09-2017 15:50 | Updated: 28-09-2017 15:52

KI students successful in this year’s Undergraduate Awards

The Undergraduate Awards (UA) is an international awards programme that annually recognises the best undergraduate work in 25 categories covering the fields of sciences, humanities, business and the arts. Eight KI students qualified as the top ten percent with their papers this year, and Paulina Werner was named as a Regional Winner.

This year, eight students at Karolinska Institutet – studying medicine, biomedicine and biomedical laboratory sciences – have been placed in the top ten percent for their undergraduate work and have therefore been named as Highly Commended Entrants.

Within each category, a number of Regional Winners are also named based on the quality of their degree work, as well as their field and geographic location. Paulina Werner, a student of biomedicine at KI, is the European winner in the Medical Sciences category.

Later this autumn, the annual UA Global Summit will be held in Dublin, Ireland and Paulina Werner and two fellow KI students will be invited to participate. All eight KI students will also become members of the UA Network and Alumni Portal, as are previous KI alumni who have been successful in the awards.

Competition in the UA 2017 was tough, with 6,472 submissions from around the world. KI submitted 25 degree projects for assessment this year.

Highly Commended Entrants at KI in 2017

Camille Wilhelmi, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine
Paulina Werner, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine (Regional Winner)
Alfredo Dueñas Rey, Bachelor's Programme in Biomedicine
Malin Strömgren, Study Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science
Tina Yanting Lorentzon, Study Programme in Biomedical Laboratory Science
Karl Björkström, Study Programme in Medicine
Biying Huang, Study Programme in Medicine
Besaf Pirmosa, Study Programme in Medicine