Published: 2020-04-17 13:22 | Updated: 2020-04-17 13:24

KI staff – share your story!

All of our lives have been changed by the spread of the new coronavirus. Share your personal stories on How have you adjusted, found solutions and handled the situation?

Do you work at KI? Whatever your position, give us a snapshot of your new life and tell us how the pandemic has affected your day-to-day routines. You could share your experiences working from home, going over to digital teaching or doing distance research – or even interacting at a physical distance! Or perhaps you’re engaged in other initiatives to help society in some way.

Let us know! Your story could be published on as an inspiration for others.


  • Write your story in the first-person on the form provided.
  • Write in English or Swedish.
  • Attach a photo of yourself or a video clip.
  • Submit!

The Public Relations and Communications Office reserves the right to edit your text. By submitting your story you consent to its publication on and in social media.

Photo/film: Tips

  • Use your mobile for the photo or film.
  • Try to be well lit – avoid having the light behind you.
  • Make sure your background is as “clean” as possible.
  • Do not photograph sensitive environments.
  • Use a portrait or landscape format – not square.
  • Avoid filters.
  • Make sure you tell any other people in shot that they might end up on and in social media, and get their consent.
  • If you’re filming, use an original headset for your device for optimal sound.

By sending in your photo and/or film you consent to their publication on and in social media. For further information, see GDPR at Karolinska Institutet.