Published: 29-08-2023 18:35 | Updated: 07-11-2023 16:42

KI RIMS Step by Step

Timeline: first KI RIMS imports profile data, then it is editable in KI RIMS, then exported to KI's website.

During the fall, KI RIMS will gradually open up for usage. In the first step, you will be able to log in with your KI-id and view the aggregated information available about you and your research, as well as edit and add information. In the next step, new profile pages are released on, utilizing the information stored in KI RIMS.

New opening date for KI RIMS: 25 October 

Notice 25-09-2023: We need a few more weeks to ensure good data quality, therefore we postpone the opening date. This means that you must wait until 25 October (instead of the previously communicated 27 September) before you can login to KI RIMS and view/edit the information there. Otherwise, the timetable is unchanged.

BACKGROUND: KI RIMS is our new system for managing research information. The aim is to simplify the handling of information about individuals and different groups by gathering as much existing information as possible in one place, as well as supplement missing information. Collecting this information also creates the opportunity to reuse it in multiple places, such as a CV, reports and on (More about KI RIMS on the Staff Portal). 

Stage 1 starts September 27 (NB: New date October 25)

We open up for checking and fixing

We are already preparing for this stage on September 7th. This means that the changes you make to your old profile page between September 7 and December 14 (earlier November 9, revised 071123) will be visible on, but they will not be transferred to your new page. Therefore, it's recommended to update before September 7 to avoid redoing it. (See fact box below.)

In the first step, everyone with a KI-id will be able to log in to KI RIMS. You will then be able to access and view the information about you that has been gathered from various systems both within and outside KI.

You will be able to see:

  • Your publications
  • Your research grants
  • Your KI degrees
  • Your employment
  • Profile information retrieved from the previous profile pages on

You can also start editing your own information. If you're a researcher, you can, for example:

  • verify suggested information about publications and research grants 
  • add information about yourself
    For example, things that are missing but that you would like to include in a CV or in the Qualifications Portfolio template, as well as things you want to appear on your personal profile page on
  • you will already be able to use the information that is available (and any information you may add) to create a CV or a list of publications.

Even if you're not a researcher, you can edit your information during this period so that your profile page on accurately describes you and your expertise. 

Instructions on how to edit your personal information will now be available under Tools and Support on the Staff Portal -> KI RIMS.

- What happens if I don't do anything in this phase?
The information about you and your research in the systems integrated into KI RIMS will be reused and automatically update your profile page on You can choose whether you want to adjust and supplement this information, or if you want to leave it as it is.

Stage 2 starts in December

We publish new profile pages and start working with group pages

On December 14 (earlier November 9, revised 071123), the new personal profile pages will be published on with information retrieved from KI RIMS. 

In December, the opportunity to publish new group pages groups coming from KI's organisation on will also open. Some of the information for these pages will be drawn from KI RIMS. This will also initiate a process of gradually transferring information from old group pages to the new ones, reviewing and publishing the new pages, and closing down the old ones. Initially, this work will be driven by the project, in close collaboration with representatives from departments etc., and will continue into 2024.

Later, the project will inform further on how groups that are not within KI's organisation, for example centers, networks and core facilities, are to be handled in KI RIMS.

Help and support

Introductory and tailored guidance sessions:  There will be introduction sessions and more tailored tutoring sessions where you can get help with how to work with your information in KI RIMS. The sessions will be available in KI's calendar on the Staff Portal and the dates will be posted on the KI RIMS page (found at Support and tools.

Support: There will also be a staffed support function that you can contact by phone, e-mail or chat. 

New profile pages with information from KI RIMS

Everyone at KI has a profile page on Today it contains contact information and the information about you that you have added yourself. During this fall, these pages will be replaced with new pages that retrieve information from KI RIMS.

  • September 7: The information written on your personal profile page on September 7 will automatically be transferred to KI RIMS.
  • September 27 – December 14 (earlier November 9)You can log in and see what information has been automatically collected, as well as edit and add information. 
  • December 14: The new profile pages are published. You can make changes and additions at any time.

NB! You can make changes that will be published on your existing profile page until the new pages are published on December 14, but be aware that changes you make after we move the information on September 7 will not carry over to your new page. In that case, you need to redo them again in KI RIMS.

Upon the move, your profile page will receive a new address (url), however, the old one will continue to work during a transition period.