Published: 25-10-2023 09:50 | Updated: 17-11-2023 16:18

KI RIMS - KI's new Research Information Management System - is now open

KI RIMS is KI's new Research Information Management System. Starting from October 25, you as an employee or affiliate can log in and see and manage the information that has been collected about you.

KI RIMS retrieves data from other systems and databases, collects it in one place, and allows for editing and supplementation. This facilitates tasks such as managing publication lists and qualifications for KI's researchers and provides a basis for operational planning.

KI RIMS will automatically send information to everyone's personal profile page on KI's website. Some information will also be sent to research group pages. 

KI RIMS will also enable the development of a new type of filter search on, making it easier to find information about KI's researchers and ongoing and completed research at KI.

More about functionality, data sources, and usage areas.

The opening of KI RIMS will happen in stages during the autumn and winter:

Now you can view and start managing your information

Starting from October 25, you, as an employee or affiliate, can log in with your KI-id to view the information collected about you and [if you are a researcher] your research. Now you also have the opportunity to edit and add information before it is published on your profile page on

On December 14 (earlier November 9, revised 071123) the new profile pages on will be published, and they will retrieve all their information from KI RIMS.

For researchers:

  • You can already generate publication lists and start compiling your qualifications and using the Reporting Hub portfolio function.
  • Research grants and some publications retrieved from external systems need your claiming in KI RIMS to be included in your qualifications and profile page.

For non-researchers:

  • All profile pages on will now retrieve their information from KI RIMS, which means that you as well edit your profile page here.

Instructions and Support:

  • On the Staff Portal: Tools and Support -> KI RIMS

Current Introductions and Workshops:

More introductions and courses will be announced in due course on the page KI RIMS for users and in the KI calendar.

In November, work on groups begins

In early November, work will commence on creating new pages for research groups on Research groups, teams, and units [as listed in the organizational structure] will be the first to receive attention. Work on other types of groupings, such as centers, networks, and core facilities, will start a bit later. 

The new pages will retrieve some information from KI RIMS, including members, funders, and the group's publications. Group leaders can easily customize which information is displayed on the group's page in KI RIMS. Other editorial content, will, as before, be managed by web editors in the Drupal web publishing system.

For Group Leaders:

  • The initial transfer of information from the existing pages to the new group pages on will be done by web editors with the support of the KI RIMS project.
  • As a research group leader, you will receive information about when you can adjust the information in KI RIMS.
  • There will be introductions on how to manage group information in KI RIMS and how KI RIMS connects to
  • See a sketch of the new group pages.

In February, a new filtering function will be available on

In KI RIMS, both individual researchers and groups will be automatically tagged with subject keywords, and you can also add your own. This allows for the creation of a filtering function on, making it easier for individuals within or outside KI to search for information about KI's research and researchers.