Published: 09-06-2023 08:00 | Updated: 09-06-2023 08:00

KI RIMS is taking shape

The project Systems support for research information continues the implementation of KI RIMS and will during the summer focus on further technical development and designing user support.

Meeting the organisation

Outside portrait of Anna Martling in a green park.
Anna Martling. Photo: Cecilia Odlind.

"During this spring, we have met with department heads and administrative heads in various contexts to describe in more detail what KI RIMS is and what the system will be able to offer the departments", says Malin Essén, one of the project managers.

"Introducing a new system in a large organization can be challenging, and therefore it is rewarding when we hear spontaneous comments on how comprehensible and appetizing it looks. Or to quote Anna Martling, Dean of Campus North: "It looks very promising! One is - how should I put it - eager to try this system! I don't usually feel that way about new administrative systems."  

Portrait of Malin Essén.
Malin Essén. Photo: Privat.

"We continue to meet groups of managers and employees at KI throughout the project, both to explain what KI RIMS is and to identify questions and any uncertainties", Malin continues.

"During these meetings, many ideas about future opportunities and development also come up, and it is clear that there is a great need to gather and visualise information about KI's research and researchers".

Development of user support

During June and over the summer, the project will work on designing support for users, such as training and information material, as well as developing the support function that you will be able to contact when you need help or guidance.

Access from the Staff Portal

It is already possible to access information about KI RIMS via the Tools and Support page on the Staff Portal. At present, the page contains basic information about what KI RIMS is and what benefits you can have from the system, but when we start moving into KI RIMS later this fall, you will be able to find guides on how to navigate inside the system and what you can do to make the most of it. There will also be information on how and when it will be possible to learn more. 

Meetings with web editors

As KI RIMS will send some information to, the web editors who work with different types of research pages on the web will need to know what changes will be made to the web publishing system Drupal. A first information meeting for web editors was held on 2 and 15 June.