Published: 15-03-2023 16:07 | Updated: 28-08-2023 16:18

KI RIMS is coming this fall

Throughout 2023, a project is underway to launch KI RIMS, our new system for managing our research information. It will make managing information about both individuals and different groups easier, and it will give researchers the opportunity to make information about their own research more visible than today.

Miriam Nauri, portrait picture.
Miriam Nauri. Photo: Private.

- A central principle for the implementation of a RIMS at KI is the reuse of information - no one should have to deal with retyping information. It will be easier for the individual to create and supplement the information about their scientific work, and we will make use of the information that already exists in many systems here and elsewhere in the world, says Miriam Nauri, head of the University Library and project owner for the entire implementation of KI RIMS.  

Everyone at KI will be able to access the new system and, for example, edit the information that forms the basis of their own profile page on   

An important consideration for the project is the date of the launch of KI RIMS. The launch is planned for the fall:  

- While many people are pushing to get started with KI RIMS, we need to ensure that we open up KI RIMS to all users at a suitable time that does not clash with the start of the semester or other intense periods. Once we open KI RIMS, we will have enhanced assistance for all new users, both a support where we can answer questions and an ability to conduct training. We will soon release information about dates, says Jonas Molander, project manager for the implementation.   

In the time leading up to the launch, technical adaptation and further development is ongoing, as well as the construction of a support function and information pages on the Staff Portal, and the development of training courses that will be available in good time for those who want to or will need them.   

It is worth mentioning that the steering group has just been expanded with representatives from the three departmental groups and now has 8 participants:  

  • Urban Lendahl, CMB, chairman of the steering group.  
  • Olav Rooijackers, CLINTEC, representative of departmental group KI Syd  
  • Anna Krook, FyFa, representative of the departmental group KI Solna 
  • Johan Lundström, CNS, representative for departmental group KI Nord  
  • Björn Kull, UF/Research Support Office  
  • Mikael Wettercrantz, UF/IT department  
  • Sofie Albinsson Cantwell, University Library  
  • Jill Jönsson, UF/Communication Department  

More information

If you have questions about the project, or if you are interested in participating in a test: contact Jonas Molander or Malin Essén.  

Read more about the project Systems Support for Research Information on the Staff Portal.