Published: 04-05-2016 10:49 | Updated: 04-05-2016 10:58

KI researchers win environmental medicine award

The 2016 Environmental Medicine Prize, founded by the Swedish Cancer and Allergy Foundation, is granted to KI co-workers professor Jan-Inge Henter and researcher Maria Shoshan, from the Department of Oncology-Pathology.

The Cancer and Allergy Foundation clarifies its decision:

Researcher Maria Shoshan is granted the prize for her well-known studies on the role of mitochondria in tumor development, therapy resistance development, as the target of optimized therapy and mitochondrial damage as the result of cancer therapy. In tumor cells both metabolic and mitochondrial changes can be observed, which is critical to their ability to grow and harm the patient. Studies of the role of mitochondria is therefore central to the understanding of tumor cell characteristics and the aim to find their weak points. Shoshan is a pioneer in this field and her groundbreaking studies lay the foundation for improved treatment strategies of cancer with reduced side effects.

Professor Jan-Inge Henter wins the prize for his groundbreaking studies on histiocytic diseases , studies that have led to improved diagnostic criteria and increased knowledge about these diseases. The results of these studies lay the foundation for improved treatments with reduced mortality and fewer complications as a consequence. Henter is a great role model for patient-experimental research, where he successfully combines his research and medical role.