Published: 30-10-2017 13:06 | Updated: 30-10-2017 13:06

KI researchers receive SEK 11 million from AFA Insurance

Four researchers at Karolinska Institutet will share SEK 11 million in research grants from AFA Insurance. Their research will contribute to reducing work-related injuries and long-term sick leave.

Magnus Helgesson, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, will receive SEK 4,200,000 to study the role played by a combination of physical and psychosocial burdens on sick leave among employees in health and social care. The study will make it possible to identify how risk factors and determinants of health affect employees’ sickness-related absenteeism.

Sara Gunnare, Institute of Environmental Medicine, will receive SEK 2,878,000 to map the health of eyelash stylists and nail technologists, their working environments and knowledge of protective equipment. She will also measure exposure to acrylates contained in the products used by these professional groups, which can cause respiratory problems and eczema.

Annika Lindahl Norberg, Institute of Environmental Medicine, will receive SEK 2,229,000 to investigate which work-environment factors affect the desire of nurses and midwives to remain in a position requiring night work. The study is intended to increase knowledge about how night and shift work can be combined with good health, high levels of motivation and dedication to the job.

Anneli Julander, Institute of Environmental Medicine, will receive SEK 2,116,000 to map the effects of short-term and repeated skin contact with nickle in professions where exposure is not considered high. Previous research has carried out on professions exposed to high levels of nickle but knowledge is lacking regarding the effects of more diffuse daily contact.