Published: 06-07-2017 14:41 | Updated: 06-07-2017 14:43

KI-researchers receive funding from AFA Insurance

Three researchers from Karolinska Institutet receive a total of SEK 9.5 million in research funding from AFA insurance, for research that will help reduce occupational injuries and long-term sickness absence.

Gun Johansson at the Institute of Environmental Medicine receives SEK 2,960,000 to evaluate the effects that organisational and social measures within the workplace in the construction industry have on working conditions, health and occupational injuries. The research project runs until 2019, and the hope is to reduce levels of mental illness in the construction industry, and that the knowledge acquired will lead to fewer occupational injuries.

Gunnar Bergström at the Institute of Environmental Medicine receives SEK 4,130,000 to study the link between sickness presenteeism (working while sick) and sickness absence, various types of illnesses, future sickness and decreased productivity. The research project runs until 2019 and is expected to increase knowledge about the relationship between the ability to work/illness, the effects of sickness presenteeism on health and productivity and the positive effects of sickness presenteeism when returning to adapted work after rehabilitation.

Eva Skillgate at the Institute of Environmental Medicine receives SEK 2,500,000 to investigate the significance of work- and lifestyle factors in respect of the risk of neck and back pain resulting in long-term disability, with or without the absence of psychological problems. The research project continues until 2020 and the expectations in terms of the results is that it will be possible to use them for preventive measures against this type of problems.