Published: 21-04-2022 14:26 | Updated: 30-08-2022 15:29

KI Research Incubator is now launched!

KIRI fellows VT 2022
KIRI-Fellows Spring 2022. Photo: Johan Arnell.

During the spring junior researchers at KI who have met set criteria have been invited to apply to become members in KI Research Incubator.

In the applications the researchers had to motivate why they want to participate, what they can contribute with and what type of collaborations they are interested in. Now the first 34 members, the KIRI-Fellows, have finally been selected (19 men and 15 women; 1/3 are clinicians).  

First meeting

On April 19 2022, a start-up meeting was held where the new KIRI-Fellows met for the first time. At the meeting the KIRI-Fellows introduced themselves to each other, discussed upcoming joint activities and how collaborations between KIRI-Fellows best can be stimulated and supported. The ideas were many and the commitment and energy high. With the start-up meeting, the research incubator is now up and running!

Science mingle

Science mingles were held in May and in August 2022 where the KIRI Fellows had the chance to share their research and interact with potential collaborators in a relaxed atmosphere.

Science mingle 2022 KIRI
Science mingle in May 2022. Photo: Konstantinos Meletis.
Science mingle in August 2022.
Science mingle in August 2022. Photo: Marcela Franco.

Funding call

During the summer a call for proposals was open. Through this call the KIRI-Fellows can jointly apply for funding of interdisciplinary research projects. The funding is to be used for a joint postdoc to run the project for two years.

Deadline for the call: 1st of September 2022.