Published: 15-09-2015 12:40 | Updated: 01-10-2015 12:28

KI ranked number nine in the world in QS Faculty Ranking

KI is number nine in the world in the Faculty Ranking Life Sciences and Medicine in the 2015 QS World University Rankings.

Each year, QS presents an universal university ranking, as well as so called faculty rankings in different areas. The universal ranking only includes multi-faculty universities and KI is thus not featured in the universal ranking. In the Faculty Ranking Life Sciences and Medicine, KI is ranked number nine in the world and number three in Europe. Last year, KI was number eight in the world. The highest ranked university on the "Sciences and Medicine" list is Harvard University.

The universal ranking list is topped by the same university as last year, MIT. Sweden is represented in the top100 by KTH and Lund University.

Six months after the universal ranking, QS publishes area-specific rankings. In the area-specific rankings that were announced in March 2015 KI is ranked nine in "Medicine" and six in "Pharmacy&Pharmacology". KI tops the recently introduced ranking list in "Dentistry", in which Gothenburg University and Malmö University also ranked high.

The QS rankings have been criticised for statistical uncertainty due to small subject areas, and lack of use of field-normalised bibliometry indicators. Starting with the 2015 ranking, QS uses field-normalised bibliometry data.