Published: 21-09-2023 11:26 | Updated: 21-09-2023 11:26

KI is us! We together, everyone! And how do we do that in practice?

The new policy for leadership and employees at KI wants to convey what is required of both managers and employees to create the organization we want.

It clarifies which behaviors are representative in daily work-related situations and how important it is that we relate to each other and collaborate in a way that makes everyone feel included and empowered.

The policy is anchored in KI's mission and strategy and reflects our ambition to create a trust-based work culture in all parts of our operations. The policy is a living document. Use it as a support and reference during recruitment, induction, onboarding and development of employees and managers. It introduces guiding principles for how individuals and groups can be involved in building ONE KI.

Your local HR can offer more information. If you want support in implementing the policy in your group or unit, please contact your HR function or Sandra Helminen, Leadership Strategist.


Sandra Helminen Leadership Specialist