Published: 27-02-2024 10:28 | Updated: 27-02-2024 10:39

KI invests in distinguished younger researchers at Labmed

Three portrait photon next to each other by Oscar Wiklander, Ujjwal Neogi and Dhifaf Sarhan..
Recipients of Faculty Funded Career Positions and Consolidator grants. From left: Oscar Wiklander, Ujjwal Neogi, Dhifaf Sarhan. Photo: Stefan Zimmerman,Private

Congratulations to the three researchers at the Department of Laboratory Medicine (Labmed) who have been allocated Faculty Funded Career Positions and Consolidator grants.

Oscar Wiklander

Oscar Wiklander at the Division of Biomolecular and Cellular Medicine (BCM) who has been allocated funding as Assistant Professor.  The funding is up to 1.0 million SEK per year over six years to be used for own salary. Additionally, 1.0 million SEK will be available for the awarded applicants as a startup contribution for research.

Dhifaf Sarhan och Ujjwal Neogi

Dhifaf Sarhan at the Division of Pathology and Ujjwal Neogi at the Division of Clinical Microbiology have been allocated the Consolidator grant. The funds are up to 1.2 million SEK per year over five years to be used for own salary. Up to 50 percent may be used for research related costs.

Consolidator grants for junior researchers

Karolinska Institutet is investing to give the most prominent younger researchers the opportunity to consolidate their research and broaden their activities.

As part of this initiative up to 14 Consolidator grants are announced, each with five years' funding for researchers employed at Karolinska Institutet whose doctoral degree is not more than twelve years old. The focus is on research in Medical science in a broad perspective, including Medicine, Health care and Health.

Employment as Assistant Professor

The purpose of the employment as Assistant Professor is to develop research as an independent researcher and acquire the scientific and pedagogical qualifications required for eligibility for appointment as Senior lecturer. The terms for the employment are to be negotiated with the employing department.