Published: 15-12-2017 15:24 | Updated: 15-12-2017 15:30

KI Innovations and Karolinska Institutet make joint investment in increased utility

Karolinska Institutet is now taking the initiative to coordinate, develop and streamline support to researchers and students with regard to the utilisation and commercialisation of research results. This will take place through KI Innovations, in addition to its existing activities, taking on the task of running KI’s Innovation Office.

Previously, KI Innovation’s organisation has focused on business consultancy, marketing and patent issues and commercial development.

Agreement has now been reached to expand these activities to include the management of KI’s Innovation Office. This important assignment will require increased communication with KI’s organisation, focusing on inspiration, consultancy and guidance to researchers, students and other staff engaged in developing ideas and dealing with innovation issues. The purpose is to increase awareness of these opportunities, and to publicise the results among both staff and students at KI.

In addition, this year KI Innovations qualified for Vinnova’s incubator excellence programme, making it possible to offer development support to startups in the life science sector.

Together, these three roles will be integrated to contribute to a more efficient innovation programme, with the goal of achieving increased utility and commercialisation of both research results and other ideas generated by staff and students.

In order to clarify the importance of an innovation system that is clearly integrated with KI’s organisation, as of 2018 these activities will be run from new premises at Berzelius väg 3, in the heart of the campus.

About KI Innovations

Karolinska Instsitutet Innovations AB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Karolinska Institutet’s holding company. KI Innovations assists in the commercialisation of research results in the field of life science.

Karolinska Institutet’s innovation support includes consultancy, training, guidance, professional networking, financing, expertise in entrepreneurship and business development and incubation opportunities for projects and companies in the life science sector.