Published: 27-11-2017 20:29 | Updated: 28-11-2017 09:02

KI funding to promising researcher at NVS

Anna Rising, researcher at the Division of Neurogeriatrics, will receive funding of 1,2 MSEK annually for five years from the KI Board of Research, this as a part of KI:s strategic carrier ladder for young promising researchers with excellent scientific merits and future potential.

The common denominator of Anna Rising´s research is spider silk. Among other things, her group investigates how a synthetic variant of the silk can be used in regenerative medicine, and how molecular mechanisms in spider silk production can be used for drug production and development. It is advanced molecular and cellular engineering that can lead to new ways of creating living tissue in the human body or in the lab.

The funding that Anna Rising will receive is the second step in KI's career ladder for junior researchers. Two years ago, she was granted funding in the first step with a million SEK for two years.