Published: 31-03-2017 15:30 | Updated: 31-03-2017 15:31

KI awarded grants from Swedish Cancer Society

On 21 March, the research board of the Swedish Cancer Society announced its decision on different categories of research grant. Nine of the 14 grants awarded went to Karolinska Institutet.

Researchers from Karolinska Institutet feature in the following grant application categories:

Postdoc position (3 years)

The aim is to benefit cancer research by recruiting successful junior researchers to the field. Four grant applications out of 46 were approved, three of them from Karolinska Institutet: Bennie Lemmens, Das Srustidhar and Nathaniel Vacanti.

Junior Investigator Award (6 years)

The aim is to recruit postdoc cancer researchers wishing to establish their own research programme and to enable them to pursue cancer research full time for six years. Two out of 38 grant applications were approved, both from Karolinska Institutet: Maria Genander and Jenny Mjösberg.

Junior Clinical Investigator Award, 50–70% (2x3 years)

The aim is to enable clinically active, postdoc cancer researchers, established as well as junior, to devote their time to research for a longer continuous period. Two out of ten grant applications were approved, both from Karolinska Institutet: Christofer Juhlin and Johanna Ungerstedt.

Fellowships in pancreatic cancer research (3 years)

The Swedish Cancer Society announced two special fellowships in pancreatic cancer research in order to promote scientific activity in this field. Two out of ten grant applications were approved, one of which went to Linda Bojmar at Karolinska Institutet.

Research school (3 years)

The aim of the grant is to finance a research school for doctoral students with projects in the field of cancer. Both grant applications submitted were approved. One went to NatiOn (the National Research School in Clinical and Translational Cancer Research), with Dan Grandér at Karolinska Institutet as the principal applicant.