Published: 25-02-2022 09:38 | Updated: 25-02-2022 16:03

KI Annual Report submitted to government

KI's annual report for 2021 was submitted to the government on 22 February.

In 2021 Karolinska Institutet turned over SEK 7.6 billion, an increase of SEK 238 million on the previous year. KI’s activities are dominated by research activities, and they comprise approximately 84 per cent of total revenues, which is the same proportion as in 2020.

The number of FTE students and APE students (result reporting) was 6,487 and 6,006 respectively. In 2021, 380 new students entered doctoral education at KI, which is a return to previous levels after a decline in 2019.

The number of FTE employees was 4,787. This is 52 higher than the previous year, a result that is mainly attributable to increases in the number of researchers, assistant professors and technical and administrative staff.

The total number of teachers was 806, 93 per cent of whom hold a PhD. For 2020, the proportion of women recruited to the positions of professor and visiting professor was 40 per cent. This is a decrease on 2020, when the corresponding figure was 50 per cent.