Published: 20-12-2023 11:31 | Updated: 20-12-2023 11:37

Keeping KI staff healthier in mind and body – wellness allowance to be raised in 2024

Group of people running on campus Solna.
Photo: Liza Simonsson

Starting next year, all employees of Karolinska Institutet will be entitled to a higher wellness allowance. The wellness allowance is a tax-free grant that staff can use for different kinds of exercise and is set to be increased from SEK 1,500 to SEK 3,000 per year.

The decision has been made by the President in order to encourage exercise and other health-related activities and puts KI on a par with other universities like KTH and Stockholm University, both of which have allowances of SEK 3,000

As of 1 January 2024, the wellness allowance will cover all activities approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. This means that as a member of staff, you can choose from a wide range of exercise-based activities or other forms of health promotion. However, the allowance may not be used for renting or buying equipment, membership fees, theory courses, diplomas, healthcare, medical treatments or beauty care. 

President Annika Östman Wernerson is pleased with the decision and hopes that it will encourage more employees to exercise and look after their health.

“We know that physical activity has many benefits,” she says. “So we want to make it possible for everyone working at KI to do whatever activity suits them best. The new rate will not only be for the good and the enjoyment of the individual, but will also eventually help enhance KI’s image as an attractive workplace with a healthy environment and a focus on sustainability. KI employees already have access to a wide range of wellness activities on both our campuses.” 

Wellness hour

At your department’s discretion, you may make use of these wellness opportunities during your working day up to a limit of an hour a week in total, provided that they are planned and adapted to your needs and working schedules in consultation with your line manager. If necessary, your line manager can temporarily allow additional time.

KI’s Health Promotion Unit offers all members of staff the following services:

  • Free access to the campus gyms
  • On-site coaches in the gyms
  • Exercise classes and sports activities
  • Workshops on mental health (ACT, MBSR)
  • Personal gym introduction 
  • Personal health coaching
  • Physical Activity on Prescription (FaR)
  • Pausit – An ergonomic active-break programme
  • Health promotion events on Campus: the KI run, KI bicycle service etc.
  • The Health Promotion Unit staff services