Published: 15-06-2012 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

Justice Chancellor critical of KI´s record-keeping procedures

[NEWS 2012-06-15] The Office of the Chancellor of Justice has criticised Karolinska Institutet for its poor record-keeping practices. KI is gravely concerned about its negative appraisal and has already begun remedying the problems.

University Director Bengt Norrving deeply regrets the failure of KI to rectify the shortcomings that the office has pointed out on several occasions, and promises that KI will make every effort possible to improve its routines and internal control.

In light of all this, Karolinska Institutet has decided to implement a reorganisation and consolidation of its procedures by incorporating the central archivist and registrar function into the university administration´s legal unit, so that as of 1 May 2012 it will report direct to the chief legal officer.

Top priority has also been given to establishing a centralised registrar function at the university by the turn of the year.

"The changes now being made give me hope that KI will be able to put right the problems identified by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice," says Bengt Norrving.