Published: 08-05-2018 13:30 | Updated: 08-05-2018 13:30

Julian Walfridsson is new contact person for biosafety issues at MedH

Laboratory biosafety means the protection of people and environment from exposure to contagious biological material generated in the laboratory. Laboratory biosafety is part of the laboratory safety work. Issues regarding laboratory biosafety can be put to the department's contact person for laboratory biosafety, or to the biosafety administrator at KI.

At each department there is also a contact person for biosafety issues. At MedH it´s Julian Walfridsson, HERM.

What is included in the biosaftey mission?

– The mission means that I will work to protect people and the environment from being exposed to contagious biological material generated in our operations, says Julian.

In what questions can the employees contact you?

– All employees are welcome to contact me, or the central management at KI, in all types of biosafety issues. It works well by mail, phone or pass by my office in Neo.

Julian Walfridsson, Ph.D. Senior Researcher

Phone: +46 8 524 834 52

Address: Neo, Blickagången 16, Flemingsberg

Biosafety at KI