Published: 15-04-2016 09:28 | Updated: 15-04-2016 09:29

Juleen Zierath receives 2016 Novo Nordisk Foundation Lecture Award

Juleen Zierath is awarded the 2016 Novo Nordisk Foundation Lecture Prize for her pioneering research on the molecular processes that form the basis of the development and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Juleen Zierath

"Physical exercise both prevents and treats type 2 diabetes, because exercise increases the ability of skeletal muscles to respond to insulin and thereby enhances the muscles’ ability to convert glucose to energy. For many years, it was a mystery what exactly happens in the interaction between insulin, glucose and muscle cells of both healthy individuals and people with type 2 diabetes, who have impaired insulin sensitivity.

Juleen Zierath has contributed enormously to solving this mystery with her interdisciplinary research in integrated physiology for 20 years.

She is recognized internationally for her translational research: building bridges between basic laboratory research at the epigenetic and molecular level and clinical work."

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The Prize Lecture "Exercise as a Medicine to improve Insulin Sensitivity in Type 2 Diabetes" will be given at The Annual Meeting of the Scandinavian Society for the Study of Diabetes in Reykjavik on April 21st.