Published: 16-12-2021 14:50 | Updated: 16-12-2021 14:50

Joseph Junior Muwonge – Doctoral student at GPH

Joseph Junior Muwonge is a Doctoral student at the Department of Global Public Health (GPH) and we have asked him a few questions about his experience and what he enjoys the most at GPH.

Joseph Junior Muwonge, Department of Global Public Health. Photo: Private.

How is it to be a Doctoral student at GPH?

" I am a first-year Doctoral student attached to the research group, Epidemiology of Psychiatric Conditions, Substance use and Social environment (EPICSS). Therefore, at this stage, I would say that it is exciting to be a Doctoral student. I am taking a few relevant courses while preparing for the data analysis of my first study", says Joseph Junior Muwonge.

What is your research about?

" I would like to investigate if there exist unmotivated socioeconomic differences in mental health care use among children and adults in Sweden.

In addition, investigate how this has changed over time (in the past decade) and to investigate what factors are likely to explain those unmotivated differences in use of mental health care across socioeconomic groups in Sweden." 

Why did you choose KI and GPH?

" I have always wanted to study at KI so it was an easy choice.

Moreover, I am assured of getting excellent supervision from well-established researchers within epidemiology of mental disorders, health equity and health care utilisation research."