Published: 03-12-2021 14:17 | Updated: 03-12-2021 14:19

Jonas Brinck - new Docent in endocrinology and diabetes

On October 20th, Jonas Brinck was appointed Docent in endocrinology and diabetes at the Department of Medicine Huddinge. Congratulations!

Jonas Brinck at the Department of Medicine Huddinge. Photo: N/A

What does the appointment mean to you?

It means a lot to me! It's incredibly inspiring to be part of the long and proud tradition of research on lipid disorders and lipoprotein metabolism at MedH. At the same time it's been important for me to find and develop my own research track in this field. Considering how challenging and time consuming it's been, the appointment as Docent, is a validation of all the hard work. It gives me a boost of positive energy for the future!

What is your research about?

My research is mainly about hereditary lipid disorders and the relationship to cardiovascular disease. In the clinical projects, my doctoral student Tigist Wodaje is researching methods for assessing the degree of coronary heart disease in patients with hereditary high cholesterol; familial hypercholesterolemia and elevated lipoprotein (a).

In the laboratory, we study endothelial function and lipoprotein functionality linked to blood lipid levels in these patients. Together with my post-doc Karin Littmann, we conduct several large registry studies focused on lipid diseases. We seek to better understand the importance the inheritance for the development of high blood lipids, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Why have you choosen to do research on lipid disorders?

In my pre-clinical thesis I studied glucoaminoglucan synthesis, but I was intetested in a more clinical subject, and lipid disorders seemed exciting.

When I applied for a position as a resident in endocrinology at the Karolinska University Hospital in 2004, I was recruited to MedH by Professor Bo Angelin. You could almost say that it was coincidence that led me to focus on cholesterol metabolism and cardiovascular disease, but in the end it's been incredibly rewarding. I very much appreciate that I'm able to combine experimental, clinical and epidemiological research.

Short bio

I was born and raised in Enskede in Stockholm, and began medical school 1993 in Uppsala. Since 2004 I've been at the Karolinska University Hospital, where I've trained as a specialist in internal medicine and endocrinology. I have also been Head of staff for two years and today I work as a Senior Consultant at the medical unit Endocrinology.

In terms of my research, I did a post-doc for four years at the University Hospital in Geneva with a focus on lipoprotein functionality and oxidative stress in cell and animal models. I have also worked for the Red Cross in Zimbabwe where I was evaluating their food support program for HIV/AIDS patients.