Published: 08-11-2022 14:33 | Updated: 08-11-2022 14:33

Joint seed funding available for research collaboration with University College London (UCL)

The Cities Partnerships Programme Stockholm, comprising UCL and the Stockholm Trio of Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology & Stockholm University (KI, KTH & SU), announces a new round of joint research funding to continue to support collaborative research projects and to build on the existing partnerships between the three institutions.

The aim of the fund is to catalyze new collaborations and in the longer term to build international teams who are well positioned to apply for external research funding. With these funds, and a workshop hosted in Stockholm in late March, the Programme intends to develop collaborations in five key research areas:

  • Social and/or institutional aspects of climate action e.g. inequalities, public and/or market engagement, technology and behaviour, relationship with rights, regulations, law, etc.
  • Public health and mental health in climate adapting cities e.g. climate-health governance, individual/ social wellbeing, etc.
  • Digitalisation of climate change and/or health in cities e.g. the role of Big Data, Metaverse, AI, etc.
  • Housing e.g. affordability, supply, noise pollution, allergens in the living environments, access to green spaces, housing for young people, green gentrification, social segregation, etc.
  • Urban safety and security e.g. urban crime, terrorism or warfare in the city, unsafe urban mobility, environmental and health disasters, etc

The deadline for the applications is 23:59 Swedish time on 14th of November 2022,. The application form is on UCL’s website.

More information: UCL, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University  2022 Call for Collaborative Research Proposals 

KI researchers that partner with UCL in an application are eligible to apply for co-funding from KI to fund their contribution to the project, subject to internal prioritisation.  

If you have any questions please contact Lotta Lundqvist, international relations office.


Lotta Lundqvist International coordinator