Published: 23-02-2022 10:45 | Updated: 07-03-2022 10:31

It´s time for the 2022 Employee Survey

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During March and April you can participate in KI's staff survey. Photo: Getty Images

In March and April, it is time for a new employee survey at KI, which will give you the opportunity to convey your experience of the work environment, engagement and organisation at your department and at KI as a whole.

The goal is to reach a response rate of 80% for the 2022 employee survey. 

- Karolinska Institutet has world-leading research and educational organisation, and its employees are the key for this. A high level of employee engagement is the cornerstone to building a sustainable work environment and continuously developing our organisation. It´s essential for each employee to respond to the survey, so that we can utilize everyone´s experience, says Mats Engelbrektson, Director of HR.

The survey will be sent out by KI's partner Quicksearch, who will handle all responses and guarantee anonymity. The survey will be available in both Swedish and English and will be available for two weeks in March and April, depending on the convenience of the respective department. 

Areas covered by the survey are: employee engagement, leadership, physical activity, organisation and goals and strategies.