Published: 08-12-2022 15:33 | Updated: 08-12-2022 15:35

It is time to report secondary occupation in Primula for 2022

KI employees must report secondary occupations annually upon request from the HR department.

The reporting must take place continuously during the year in case a KI employee undertakes a new secondary occupation or if the secondary occupation changes during the year.

KI employees who do not have a secondary occupation, do not need to report in Primula. The obligation to report also applies during parental leave, other service leave or leave due to disease.

KI continues to make an exception for employees whose employment rate is 20 percent or less. These are recommended to report the secondary occupation to their main employer instead.

KI employees must report the necessary information to enable the assessment of the secondary occupation. This applies to all KI employees who have secondary occupation.

For teachers with combined employment, a report of the secondary occupation must be made to the respective employer. The assessment of secondary occupation is done separately by the respective employer.

If the immediate manager knows that a KI employee has a secondary occupation that has not been reported, the manager must remind the employee of his obligation to report the secondary occupation. The HR-department can be contacted for support in this process.

Please note that KI employees have to contact their department for questions about secondary occupations.