Published: 08-04-2022 13:50 | Updated: 29-04-2022 15:28

IT and information security at KI – web-based lessons 2022

We can all help to reduce risks in our information management at KI. This April, KI's IT and information security functions will be launching a web-based training course where all of us will be taking part in a series of short lessons distributed via email.

Web-based training in IT and information security

Three different digital training courses will be sent by email to all employees at KI in 2022. The lessons can be reviewed individually and you can then take up questions for discussion at your internal meetings.

Each training course has an individual number of lessons that are sent out at different times. The courses are presented in brief below:

Introduction to information security

Basic and up-to-date aspects of information security are addressed in approx 15 separate lessons that are distributed throughout the year as per a defined plan, starting now in April.

The first lesson will be sent to employees via e-mail on Tuesday May 3.

Theme password quality and password management

Adapted content and time of launch in connection with a revision of KI's password policy. One to two mailings are carried out. The aim is to provide support in the implementation of the upcoming new password policy and tips on password quality and how to manage passwords.

Theme phishing

Custom-designed content on the theme of phishing will be sent out on one to two occasions during the year. The reason we have chosen this theme is that phishing up until today has been the biggest single known threat aimed at impacting individual employees at KI.

For all three courses, the following will apply:

  • The aim is to raise awareness of the need to take into account aspects of IT and information security for the work an individual employee does at KI.
  • The goal is to raise awareness of risks and the need for IT and information security in your own operations and to reflect on what you should think about in your daily work.
  • The target group is all employees at KI.

The short lessons sent out via email take two to five minutes to complete. Perhaps it will also inspire discussion at your internal meetings. The lessons can be conducted on a computer, phone or tablet.

The first lesson will be sent out in April with more being sent out periodically. The sender is the "Information Security function at KI" and the sender's address is (

Contact for questions 

If you have any questions or comments about the content of the course, or about IT and information security, please contact us via