Published: 01-04-2015 14:40 | Updated: 05-05-2015 11:30

Is your business plan any good? – get the answer by competing in Venture Cup!

It’s time for the last phase in this round of Venture Cup – The business plan. It doesn’t matter if you competed in the previous phases or not, everyone can send in one or multiple business plans.

The benefits of participating in the competition are many. You can win money and everyone who enters the competition get our startup package filled with great services for free. Venture Cup is a great opportunity to put your business plan to the test since everything that is handed in are read by professionals who give written feedback. Register your business plan at where you also find a guide for writing a winning business plan and the rules for competing.

  • Deadline: Business plan – 7th of april kl 13.00

Venture Cup is the largest competition in Sweden for those looking to develop a business idea and start a business. Karolinska Institutet has been part of the competition as one of the co-organizers since 1999. Since the start more than 27 000 entrepreneurs have competed with over 13 000 business ideas.