Published: 11-02-2021 12:16 | Updated: 28-08-2023 16:32

Investing in systems support for research information 

Illustration of it networks. Blue background.
Genre image: Gerd Altmann, Pixabay/public domain.

Do you have difficulty finding detailed information about Karolinska Institutet’s research and researchers on the website? If so, you are probably not alone. A project is now underway to improve search possibilities and presentation of research information within the framework of KI’s Information Management Programme and Strategy 2030.  

Portrait image of Sofie, she has short blond hair and red lipstick.
Sofie Albinsson Cantwell, photo: KIB

“The project is currently in a phase of mapping the systems and information owners that process research information at KI. The aim is to develop good tender documentation for procuring a digital solution that can collect data from other systems such as PRISMA, iLab and publication databases,” says Sofie Albinsson Cantwell, head of the Infrastructure for Research Information Management Unit and member of the management group for the Information Management Programme. 

The purpose of the so-called Systems Support for Research Information Project is to create cohesive systems support, so that adequate, accurate and up-to-date information regarding both researchers and ongoing and completed research projects is readily available to anyone searching for it. To this end, the project management group is examining both organisational and technical kinks in the existing systems and preparing for the procurement and implementation of a new research information management system (RIMS).  

Without increasing administrative burden

One important ambition is that KI researchers should be able to achieve greater dissemination of their research without increasing their administrative burden. It is also hoped that the university will be able to make better use of existing resources in the form of expertise and equipment, as well as facilitating internal research collaboration.  

“As things stand, there are a number of initiatives underway out in the organisation to prepare manual lists of KI researchers, techniques and other resources, so the need for cohesive systems support is clearly considerable,” says Sofie Albinsson Cantwell.  

The project group consists of representatives of the University Library, the IT Office, the Communications and Public Relations Office and the central Support Systems unit. The project can also call on a reference group consisting of representatives of the research organisation and other administrative areas. A decision on future systems support for research information will be taken in the summer of 2021 at the earliest.