Published: 31-08-2020 15:00 | Updated: 31-08-2020 15:00

International welcome ceremony - now available online

Two students on stage in Aula Medica.
The two students and Digital Ambassadors Marlene Rietz and Julio Sosa led us through the live introduction event. Photo: Lisa Bergenfelz

On August 27, Karolinska Institutet held a digital welcome ceremony for all new international students. Over 250 viewers followed the broadcast live. Did you miss it? No problem, we saved it and published in for you!

This semester, the traditional introduction day was replaced with a digital welcome event to greet new students at the global programmes and exchange students.
Julio Sosa and Marlene Rietz, two second year students at KI’s global programmes, guided us through the one hour long live event. The ceremony can now also be accessed on KI Play.

First up was the President of KI, Ole Petter Ottersen, who warmly welcomed all new students to KI.

“During my years as President for a university, I have learned that what really makes a university is the student community, not least the international students. You bring perspective to campus, you energize and invigorate our university, and very importantly, you represent the entire world”, said Ole Petter Ottersen.

During his speech, the President addressed the current situation and the pandemic. He urged students to keep themselves updated and follow instructions on KI’s webpage and stated that we all share a responsibility to open the campus safely.

After the Presidents welcome, students could through films get to know about different services offered at KI. Amongst others we got to know the KI Library, the Student Health Centre and the Health Promotion at KI. Inspiring films from the student union Medicinska Föreningen (MF) and MF´s skit groups introduced students to the lively and fun student life at KI.  

After all the videos had played, Marlene Rietz summed up the event.

“With all this information it is now up to you to embrace the KI experience. There are many opportunities, life lessons and fun lying ahead!” said Marlene Rietz.

And last, Julio Sosa gave the international students a final welcome to their new university.

“Welcome again to Stockholm, welcome to Karolinska Institutet, welcome to your programme and enjoy the ride!”, said Julio Sosa.

International welcome ceremony