Published: 21-08-2015 15:39 | Updated: 13-10-2017 16:11

International postdoc grant to NVS researcher Cecilia Stenfors

PhD Cecilia Stenfors has been awarded a three-year international postdoc grant from the Swedish Research Council to perform research at the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at University of Chicago, Illinois, with Associate Professor Marc Berman, and at NVS, Karolinska Institute, with Associate Professor Jonas Persson.

The aims of the research are to investigate the role of environmental and individual factors in enhancing versus reducing brain resilience, fatigue and restoration, in terms of neural, cognitive, emotional and physiological processes. A key environmental factor that will be studied is nature and natural elements, via controlled experiments and epidemiological studies. The role of age in the mentioned processes is also a central theme in the project.