Published: 22-11-2023 08:44 | Updated: 22-11-2023 08:45

Installation of pods and touchdown seats in ANA Futura

On 23-24 and 28 November the pods and touchdown seats will finally be installed in ANA Futura.

Illustration of duo-pod and touchdown seats in ANA Futura.
Illustration of duo-pod and touchdown seats in ANA Futura. Photo: Illustration: Senab.

Installation of pods

On 23-24 November, two duo-pods will be installed, one on floors 7 and 8. 

The previously planned team-pod will not be purchased due to space limitations, and instead replaced with a duo-pod. 

The two duo-pods will be placed in the previous printer stations on floors 7 and 8. A duo-pod is designed for two people. 

Placement of duo-pods:

Drawing showing the printer stations being removed in ANA Futura.
Skrivarstationer som försvinner på plan7 och 8 i ANA Futura. Foto: Christina Sundqvist

Installation of touchdown seats

In the morning of 28 November the installation of touchdown seats will start

The installation is expected to take a few days. Once completed, there will be 38 touchdown seats distributed between floors 7 and 8.

Rules for booking and usage

The rules for booking and using meeting rooms, pods, touchdown places and conversation rooms in ANA Futura will be published shortly on our website, clearly stating how all meeting areas in ANA Futura can be used.



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