Published: 03-01-2023 12:16 | Updated: 03-01-2023 12:16

Information regarding new restaurant company in Solna Campus- Nordrest

Nordrest Foto: Nordrest

Information about opening hours and contact with the new restaurateur Nordrest

New agreement regarding restaurateur for Aula Medica, Biomedicum and Catering in Campus Solna

KI has procured a restaurateur for Aula medica, Biomedicum and for catering in Solna.
New restaurateur is Nordrest and they started up on 2/1-2023

Opening Hrs during the first week 2023

Nanna Svarts and café Jorpes will open on 9/1 with regular hours.
Biomedicum opens on the 3/1 and is open 3-5/1 between hrs 09:00-15:00
Svarta Räfven is closed and will reopen on 16/1 with regular hours.



If you need catering during these times, please email
The order portal will work as usual after 2/1, with a new range of products

Order portal from 2/1 - 2023 ->
The previous website where you could find the restaurants has ended, instead you can find these under the link below:


We thank you for your indulgence in connection with the transition.
The real estate department
Karolinska Institutet


Michell Olausson Superintendent