Published: 20-03-2023 10:38 | Updated: 20-03-2023 17:04

Information about changed routines for examinations in examination rooms

From 1 April 2023, a coordinated examination service will be mandatory for all examinations in KI's common examination rooms/ halls. For you who work as course responsible, examiner or education administrator, this means that the course's routines need to be changed.

Examination hall Campus Solna
Examination hall Campus Solna Photo: FREE

The introduction of a coordinated examination service will, in addition to common starting times for examinations, mean:

  • Registration for the examination must be made no later than 10 calendar days before the examination via the activity session in Ladok.
  • The student must be registered or re-registered on the current course occasion. (There is an option to connect previous course sessions to the activity session for students who only have to write a re-examination)
  • The student must be eligible to write the examination in accordance with the syllabus of the course.

Information about the time and order of registration for examination in examination halls

  • Information about the time and order for registration for examination in examination rooms must be made available in the course room in Canvas by the start of the course.
  • The last day for registration for examination must also be in the Canvas' calendar function.
  • Information must also be available on the course web to reach even those students who want to re-register to complete the examination.

Registrations during spring semester 2023

During the spring semester 2023, the education administrator can register groups of students for examination in the examination room, but there is also the possibility for students to register themselves at Ladok for student’s interface. When students sign up themselves, the anonymization process is strengthened as the order of the enrollments is never repeated exactly.

Registrations from autumn semester 2023

From the autumn semester 2023, students must register for the examination themselves at Ladok for students, and groups of students must not be registered by the education administrator. However, if there are special needs, the education administrator can assist individual students with the registration.

Late notifications

In order for the students to have access to the examination halls and the digital examination, they must be registered on a course session that is connected to the register session for the examination. During the 10 days preceding the examination, it may be possible to admit students to the examination if there are enough places in the examination room and other conditions (registration and eligibility) are met. The courses need to inform students that it is possible to make late registrations and that if the prerequisite are met, the students will be allowed to write the examination.

Late registrations are received by the course, which then communicates with the exam services.

Students who come directly to the examination room without having registered can get a place if it is possible to arrange:

  • registration to the examination
  • space in the hall and
  • verification that the students are eligible to write the examination has been carried out.

It is the education administrator who registers and verifies the eligibility. The invigilator needs to get a confirmation from the education administrator and see that the student is registered and has gained access to the digital examination in Inspera in order to write the examination. This must all be done no later than within the 30 minutes that apply to admission in case of late arrival.

The student's placement in the examination room

In the students' schedule in TimeEdit, they will receive a link to see their placement in the examination hall/ writing room. The link is activated the day before the examination when they can log in with their social security number and see the placement in the examination room. There will also be information available about the placement at the examination hall.

Information about which hall/ room they should be in is also listed under the link, the information about the examination room also needs to be in the information in Canvas and on the course web.

Information about administrative processes for examination in an examination hall

Information about the administrative processes can be found on the exam service page. (only in Swedish for now)

Not all processes are yet complete and therefore the page is updated continuously.

Exam services also inform the education administrators network in Teams about the processes.

The exam service will book meetings with the courses that have examinations in April.