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Published: 2019-10-30 16:51 | Updated: 2019-10-31 13:00

Increased opportunities for postdocs to attend doctoral courses

Following requests from the KI Postdoc Association for more places on popular courses, the Faculty Board is earmarking extra funds for doctoral courses in its 2020 budget.

KI Postdoc Association has surveyed its members and found that the places most requested are on statistics courses.

“KI is Sweden’s second largest university in terms of numbers of doctoral students, and largest in terms of ‘FTE doctoral students’. KI finances some 250 doctoral courses a year, which is unique in Sweden. The KI management agrees unanimously that it’s important for KI for postdocs to also have the best possible opportunities to enjoy our fantastic range of doctoral courses. KI Postdoc Association has pushed this question and I’m pleased to announce that KI is going to invest in this,” says Robert Harris, academic vice president for doctoral education.

“There are areas where we have problems with teaching capacity, which is something that we have to work with in the longer term, but the Course and Programme Committee expects there to be more places on the most popular general science courses by as soon as next year. The new compensation model for KI’s doctoral education programmes can also mean that courses that were previously cancelled due to lack of interest can be held next year, now that KI postdocs are equated with doctoral students in the model. The figures we’ve received from the KI Postdoc Association will henceforth be of value to the Course and Programme Committee,” says Erika Franzén, chair of the Course and Programme Committee.

New compensation model for course providers

Many KI postdocs are already accepted onto doctoral courses provided that space is available. However, courses arranged by KI’s doctoral education programmes have needed a minimum number of KI doctoral students per course to receive full compensation from the programmes. This has now been changed to KI doctoral students or KI postdocs ahead of 2020.

General information about doctoral courses at KI