Published: 01-03-2022 13:36 | Updated: 08-03-2022 15:02

Important information for all ANA Futura staff

Four important information points from the Steering Committee in ANA Futura.

Vacant offices will be closed from 7th of March

Since the covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, the Steering Committee ANA Futura has decided that we will close the vacant offices for general use by staff from 7th of March.

Cleaning of the green tap water unit in the ANA8 building March 11

From March 11, the green tap water unit will be cleaned. The work is estimated to 4 days.

Note!The Service team will notify all staff via email when green tap water will be available in our laboratories again.

The For ANA Futura, this entails the following:

  • Green tap water will not be available in our laboratories.
  • The washing facility in ANA Futura will not be operational during this period.
  • Extra MilliQ water will be available in the collection point for clean-water.
  • We will collaborate with Neo regarding the washing facility in case of a longer interruption.
  • All equipment connected to green tap water must be disconnected. The water will contain strong chemicals which may destroy the equipment if it is used during the cleaning. Please contact the Service Team if you need help to disconnect the water:

Alarm receivers for low temperature- and isothermal freezers

We would like to remind everyone to review who are the alarm receivers for low-temperature and isothermal freezers. If you want to update alarm receivers, notify the service team:

For more information visit the website:


It's great that we're returning to normal, but unfortunately the thieves are doing the same. Campus Solna has been affected by several thefts in a short time. The Steering Committee ANA Futura therefore encourage all staff to be observant to any unauthorized persons in our premises.

Important to think about:

  • Do not leave office doors open if no one is present in the room.
  • Always wear your KI badge visible. If the badge is not visible, staff have the right to ask who you are.
  • Always check behind you when you enter through our entrances, if someone wants to go in with you, they must show their KI badge.
  • Do not let strangers in if they cannot identify themselves. Refer the person to the reception on the 7th floor, staircase/elevator B.
  • All external visitors should be referred to the reception on the 7th floor, staircase/elevator B.
  • Do not use the automatic door opener unless you need it.

Steering Committee ANA Futura