Published: 13-07-2023 10:42 | Updated: 13-07-2023 10:43

How to stay safe from internet scammers this summer

cyber security
cyber security Photo: Tumisu

The summer season is typically when the most online fraud attempts and phishing e-mails occur. False invoices are a common variant.

We should all be able to enjoy some well-earned vacation time this summer. However, internet scammers don't take vacation; quite the contrary. They seize the chance before and throughout the holiday season when they know some of us are more hurried.

Don't let your guard down! Simple counsel is applicable as usual. Advice that has been covered in several of our online information security training courses at KI.

Stop and think

Is the email, for instance, reliable? Should I anticipate any invoices of this nature? Even if the sender's name or phone number is well-known, the authenticity should not be entirely relied upon if the content is not entirely trustworthy. It is rather simple for a fraudster to fabricate this information. SMS messages are now more frequently used in fraudulent situations then ever before.

Be particularly vigilant against phishing

You’ve probably heard a lot about phishing emails and harmful websites lately, and it might get a little tiresome. But the fact is that it happens all the time. The IT department blocks most of them, but occasionally some of us receive phishing emails. The truth is that this is among the simplest and most efficient strategies to obtain login information or other sensitive information. Even if we know how to act we sometimes forget. Especially if we are pressed for time.

The so-called "Spear Phishing" method of targeted and well-founded fraud efforts is generally on the rise. When more is known about the company and the person the fraud attempt is directed at, the fraud efforts have gotten more sophisticated and challenging to detect.

Report incidents

We need to help one another and report the incidents that nevertheless occur within an organisation such as KI. By doing so, we will gain more knowledge and a solid foundation for enhancing safety precautions if we accomplish this.

We will be back this autumn with our e-learning courses featuring quick elements on information security.

Summer greetings from KI's IT and Information Security unit.