Published: 14-12-2021 09:17 | Updated: 13-06-2022 13:49

How to find your portrait pictures

If you had your portrait picture taken in November 2021 in Biomedicum, it is now available for download and publication on your personal profile page at Follow the instructions below.

Please note that you may use the image for both web and press. 

You are welcome to crop the image as you wish, and it is possible to use it for both work-related and private use. Don’t forget to add the name of the photographer, Johannes Frandsen

Please note that you are not allowed to sell the image to third parties without contacting the photographer.    


How to download the image and add it to your profile page  

  1. Go to KI's Mediabank: 
  1. Type the shortening of your department and your name in the search bar at the top 
  1. Double-click on the image 
  1. Select Download web (right below the image; if high resolution for printing, select Download original) 
  1. Click on "I accept" 
  1. Save the image to your computer  
  1. Go to the Profile Page and follow the instructions 


How to upload the image to your Office account 

Follow the guide on how to upload or change your profile picture on your Office account


If you have any questions, please contact your department's communications officer:  

Linda Lindell

Communications officer at CMB
C5 Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Sara Lidman

Communications officer at FyFa and MTC
Communication Consultants Team
UF Central Administration

Charlotte Brandt

Communications officer at Neuro and MTC
Communication Consultants Team
UF Central Administration

Johanna Bylund

Communications officer at MBB
Communication Consultants Team
UF Central Administration