Published: 06-03-2024 17:48 | Updated: 07-03-2024 11:27

How the integration of BioNut with MedH affects Primula and UBW

Employees at BioNut and MedH will notice changes in several digital systems from April. The daily work at the departments will continue as before, but employees at BioNut will have limited access to UBW and Primula for a couple of weeks.

An important step in the project to integrate BioNut with MedH is to update some 50 digital systems that are used in employees' everyday lives. All employees at KI have a digital identity based on where in the organisation they are employed. This means that everyone who is currently employed at BioNut will receive updated digital identities in MedH's digital structure during the spring.

BioNut will continue to operate as a separate institution until 30 June. However, technical preparations for the integration are already underway so that the changes can be implemented as smoothly as possible, taking into account financial statements, payroll runs and with a good margin for possible disruptions. 

Limited access to UBW and Primula/the PA-web for BioNut in March and April

The first changes will be noticeable in the personnel system Primula and the financial system UBW - but also in other systems that retrieve their data from these sources, such as staff profile pages on KI's website. The changes mainly affect staff at BioNut.

To facilitate the updates in UBW and Primula/the PA-web, the possibility to add new requests in these systems will be limited for a couple of weeks. This means that employees at BioNut:

  • should not report personnel cases in Primula/the PA-web (e.g. holiday applications and travel expenses) between 10 March and 1 April. Please contact the HR department if you need assistance during this period. 
  • should not enter any new financial cases in UBW (e.g. orders and invoices) between 22 March and 4 April. However, existing and old cases can still be processed. If something new needs to be ordered after 22 March, the ZZ code for MedH (H7) should be used instead of BioNut (H2).

Changes to the personnel system Primula from 1 April 

Primula is a source system for many other IT systems. This means that the information contained in Primula is retrieved by and visible in other systems such as UBW, IDAC and the staff portal. 

As of 1 April 2024, staff at BioNut will technically belong to MedH in Primula. For the core activities, current groups and current managers will be moved into a new department in MedH. For administrative staff, the respective employment at BioNut will be moved to the corresponding group/department and unit within MedH. 

As an employee, you do not need to do anything and formally there is no change, but existing delegation schemes apply until the integration is completed on 30 June. However, this technical update will be noticeable from 1 April by indicating employees at BioNut as belonging to MedH in systems such as Primula, UBW, IDAC, M365 and the employee portal.

Changes to the UBW financial system from 14 April

Financial statements for the first quarter of the year will be made separately for BioNut and MedH in early April. After the first quarter the financial data will be merged together in UBW and reported at MedH (H7). The transfer of financial data is done manually by a reinforced financial working group on 14 April. 

Financial data for BioNut's ongoing projects and groups will then be moved into the MedH structure with the only change being that the project number prefix will be changed from H2 to H7. Old and closed projects and groups in BioNut will be closed so that no further events can be registered in UBW.

Changes in other systems will follow in the spring

In addition to personnel and financial systems, there are many other digital systems that are affected by the integration of BioNut with MedH. This includes everything from archiving to research support, digital learning environments, education administration and shell protection. Information about the changes that can be expected in these systems is being prepared within the project and will be shared as soon as possible with those affected. 

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