Published: 22-06-2022 11:44 | Updated: 23-08-2022 18:26

How do we learn and develop at KI? – Register for Educational Congress 2022

Registration for KI's Education Congress 28-29 September is now open! We welcome you to sign up and join the congress. The focus of the congress is Continuous learning, both as an individual and as an organization. Get inspired by the speakers and participate in the workshops looking at tips, new perspectives and experiences.

Teresa Sörö
Teresa Sörö, Unit for Teaching and learning, KI. Photo: N/A.

- The Educational congress will be held over two days, the first day will focus on continuous learning from all its’ different perspectives and we are pleased to welcome Prof. Anu Kajamaa, professor in Continuous Learning at Oulu university, to discuss this topic, says Teresa Sörö, Area manager and Educational developer at Unit for Teaching and Learning.

- On the second day a number of workshops will be held where participants will get the opportunity to discuss how they can work with continuous learning. We have received a good number of abstracts and a large percentage of them will be delivered as a workshop, says Teresa Sörö.

The Educational Congress will be held both onsite and online

This year the Educational Congress will be held at NEO at KI’s campus in Flemingsberg, with a number of exciting different meeting spaces.

Interior image showing the stairs in building Neo.
Neo, KI. Photo: Erik Flyg

- Some of the activities in the programme can be followed online, but we would like to encourage you to join us onsite, to get the most out of your participation in the congress, says Teresa Sörö.

You will also have the opportunity to carry on your discussions and networking at the mingle dinner on the first day of the congress.


Program Educational congress 2022

The congress will be in English with some elements in Swedish.

Register for the congress 

Register for KI's Educational congress 2022

The 29th of August is the last day for ”early bird”. You can choose between online or on-site in the registration. 

Educational congress 2022.
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Educational congress

► The Education Congress is arranged every two years for everyone involved in education at KI.

► It aims to promote collaborative excellence between educators across our campuses and clinics, and across disciplines and professions, by showcasing good practices, promoting educational quality, and discussing evolving trends in medical education.


Teresa Sörö Educational developer