Published: 26-10-2023 14:54 | Updated: 26-10-2023 14:54

Highlights from the GPH Department Day

Dancing at Skansen
Photo: Anna-Lee Cöster Jansén

On 24 October, 110 employees at GPH gathered for a fun and inspiring Department Day at Skansen with the aim of connecting, getting inspiration, and getting to know new and old colleagues and their research areas.

The day started with a warm welcome and an introduction from Marie Hasselberg, our Head of Department. Her words set a positive tone for the program, emphasizing unity and with focus on collaboration.

Then we had the pleasure of getting to know our new research groups and their visions, including Claudia Hanson, Eleni Aklillu, Tobias Alfvén, and Johan von Schreeb. Their enthusiasm for their respective fields was truly clear. 

A refreshing exercise break followed, and Rasmus Nylander, our KI’s Health Promotion Specialist, enlightened us about maintaining well-being on ways to promote good health.

Kjell A Nordström
Photo: Maja Rudolphson

Renowned economist and global business guru, Dr. Kjell A. Nordström, delivered a thought-provoking talk on the transformation of higher education, shifting from knowledge to skills. He challenged us to rethink the future of learning, globalization, high trust, and multinational organizations from an eye-opening perspective."

The program also delved into the practical application of research, with Rosaria Galanti sharing narratives of research influencing policy and practices. Bo Burström discussed the extended postnatal home visiting program, shedding light on the potential community impact. Carl Otto Schell introduced us to Essential Emergency and Critical Care (EECC), highlighting the crucial work our clinical colleagues are involved in. Anton Lager, Associate Professor in Epidemiology, emphasized the importance of mitigating health disparities due to COVID-19.

GPH Department day at Skansen
Photo: Maja Rudolphson

The day concluded with cultural and historical experiences, mingling, and even a taste of Swedish folk dancing, fostering the sense of we and celebrating our different backgrounds.