Published: 16-05-2022 15:25 | Updated: 16-05-2022 15:35

High response rate and positive results in 2022 employee survey

The 2022 employee survey, which has now been completed, had a high response frequency amongst the KI staff of 86 per cent. This gives a solid base on which to initiate activities and develop the university’s operations and working environment.

As many of the questions in this year’s survey were also in the 2017 survey, comparisons can be made, and a distinct positive trend can be seen in several areas. One noteworthy increase is in the willingness to recommend one’s own department as a place of work, which has more than trebled from 9 to 29.

In the categories of Employee engagement (76 per cent) and leadership (81 per cent) the result was also high, with increases of 5 and 6 percentage points respectively. The areas of goals and strategies also rose from 65 to 73 per cent and trust in the university management was up 12 percentage points to 72 per cent.

Areas where the results remain low and where the increase is not as clear are organisation (66 to 69 per cent), which includes clear organisational structure (55 to 60 per cent) and information (60 to 63 per cent).

The responsible managers will now be taking on board their employees’ opinions by developing the areas that need improving. This is being done in consultation with staff, union and health & safety officers, and with administrative support from the departmental HR offices.