Participants sought for studies Help us to uncover the physical limitations of post-COVID

For the healthy control group: we are now looking for females 40-64 years old that exercise less than 2-3 times/weekly.

We are looking for post-COVID patients and healthy participants for a study on the physical limitations of the post-COVID syndrome. The study aims to examine the physiological function and exercise intolerance in post-COVID patients.

The image shows illustrated and colourful coronavirus with a microscope in the background.
Illustration av sars-cov-2, bilden är nerladdad från Pixabay. Foto: Gerd Altmann/Public Domain

Post-COVID poses a major challenge worldwide. Today, there is limited knowledge about the underlying mechanisms and why some suffer from post-COVID, and others do not. Another major problem is the exercise intolerance that many of post-COVID patients experienced. In order to develop a safe yet feasible rehabilitation program for post-COVID patients, a more detailed physiological characterization is necessary, along with a better understanding of the exercise intolerance described. 

How does the study work?

We will assess your health and fitness by conducting several tests including an ultrasound of your heart, other vascular and circulatory tests, neurophysiological tests, spirometry, muscle (biopsy), aerobic capacity (fitness level), and blood status. In addition, you will perform 3 short, supervised training sessions (aerobic, resistance, HIIT), where we will examine your physiological responses. Exercise intensity will be individualized based on the capacity of each participant.

In total, participation means that you will visit us at Huddinge hospital on 9 different occasions over a 1-year period.


We offer you 1000 SEK compensation for your participation, and you will learn a lot about your health and fitness.

Who can apply?

  • If you are 18-64 years.
  • You have no history of cardiovascular and respiratory disease.
  • If you suffered from post-COVID syndrome, and reporting post-exertional symptom exacerbation for at least 3 months (this only applies to post-COVID subjects)

If you have questions and/or want to participate in the study

Please contact the researcher:

Andrea Tryfonos

Postdoctoral studies
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Principal investigator

Tommy Lundberg

Assistant senior lecturer
H5 Department of Laboratory Medicine

Processing of personal data

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of this study in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The legal entity responsible for processing of your personal data is Karolinska Institutet. The Data Protection Officer can be reached at The data will be analyzed on a group level, handled confidentially and it will be stored in a secure database at Karolinska Institutet. You can terminate your participation in the study at any time.