Published: 31-01-2022 17:45 | Updated: 16-02-2022 15:40

Help us to improve our Education IT systems

One of the five focus areas in “KI's strategy for information management 2019-2022” is to improve and develop digitalization within KI’s education sector. To make the right priorities, we need help from those of you who often handle education information and use the systems we have today. Are you interested in digitization and see a potential for improvement, please join our workshops.

We are looking for you who have an interest in digitalization and see potential improvements in our IT-systems used for education at KI. You can be a PhD-student, student, administrator or responsible for a course or programme.   

In February and Match we will arrange two digital workshops. The first workshop will focus on collecting your requirements regarding additional digital support, problems experiences today e t c. The project team will then summarize the material collected and present it for further discussions during the second workshop. 

The workshops are scheduled for the following dates:  

  • Workshop 1: February 15th, 1-3 pm (in Swedish)                  
  • Workshop 1: February 23rd, 9-11 am (in English)  
  • Workshop 2: March 11th, 2-4 pm (in Swedish)  
  • Workshop 2: March 16th, 1-3 pm (in English) 

You can register for the workshops or register to provide written feedback on the results in a referral round (if you cannot participate in any workshop) through this registration form no later than February 21th

Part of KI's strategy for information management

The results of the workshops will be the foundation of a proposal of goals and an action plan within the scope of the KI-project “Strategic action plan for Information Management for Education”, which is one of the projects within the programme Information Management at KI.


Mathias Pettersson

Cosultant, project leader