Published: 16-09-2021 14:38 | Updated: 16-09-2021 14:38

Help us to develop industry partnering support

Karolinska Institutet has the ambition to establish a central back-office to support researchers in their partnering with industry. To realize this ambition, the External Engagement Office will be launching a one-year project designed to create the best possible foundation for this future support function.

We are looking for a small number of colleagues who have the experience, time, and enthusiasm to help us with this project, the initial aims of which will be to:

  • Work-up a resourcing and organizational model for the industry research collaboration support function at KI.
  • Gather and develop experiences, guidelines, and recommendations for various aspects of industry collaboration to build a KI-wide memory based on best practice. This will form the basis upon which support can be further developed
  • Develop external and internal communication with transparent and widespread information about industry collaboration.
  • Map and make an inventory of ongoing industry research collaborations at KI

Specifically, we are looking to build a team consisting of a project leader, two alliance managers / industry collaboration coordinators or equivalent, and a communications expert. Each will work part-time on the project (20-40%) and will be compensated for their time off from their regular work duties.

The work of the project team will be supported by an internal reference group (to be established) and the team will report to Björn Kull (Head of the Research Support Office - RSO) and Richard Cowburn (Head of the External Engagement Office, a unit under RSO). The results and recommendations from the project will be delivered to Katarina Bjelke, University Director.

Registration of interest

If you would like to contribute to this important initiative, please register your interest with Richard Cowburn (, Tel: 0730 715281) no later than October 15th in the form of a brief personal letter with motivation for why you are suitable for the assignment and your CV.