Published: 19-04-2022 18:14 | Updated: 27-04-2022 20:53

Hello Maria Deckeman, leadership and organisational development specialist

You have initiated an ambitious drive for Karolinska Institutet to further explore the need for inner development as a means to be better prepared and equipped to meet the complex challenges organizations, societies and the world are facing. A point of departure is our engagement in the Inner Development Goals Summit April 29th.

Photo: Maria Deckeman

Why should I attend the IDG summit and what can I expect?

All students and staff are invited to join the journey to further explore what role inner growth, individually and collectively, can play taking on external challenges and create more sustainable organizations and societies. By attending the IDG-summit, you will get some food for thoughts from world leading researchers and practitioners. I do hope that by attending the summit, you will get inspired to further reflect and continue the discussion the days, weeks, and months to come after the conference.

Why is Karolinska Institutet co-hosting the IDG summit?

Karolinska Institutet is one of several academic institutions engaging in the Inner development goals initiative, in Sweden and globally.  As a medical university inner development and lifelong learning are central for our ability to succeed in our pursuit to advance knowledge about life and strive towards a better health for all. But inner development only has value if it helps us accelerate the work towards the complex challenges in the outer world.

Modern research shows that the capabilities and capacities we all need can be stimulated and further developed. And there are lot of methods available. But what development that matters the most to make us better prepared to meet complex challenges, and how those capabilities and inner qualities can be further stimulated are big questions that we have only started to explore. It will take decades before we have gained more clarity on this. As an academic institution we have both the possibility and the responsibility to communicate available research to society. As a university we also have the responsibility to further explore and create new knowledge.

Walter Osika

What will happen after the conference?

We are preparing a development program and a research project to further explore the big questions mention above. The initiative is funded by joint fundings and supported by the trade unions at the university. More information about the research project and how to apply for the development program will be made available on the Staff Portal in September 2022. Researchers from KI and SU will map what KI employees perceive as major developmental challenges. One of the researchers, Walter Osika, will coordinate the research part, that will contain design of the program and assessment of potential effects.

Our overarching aim is that Karolinska Institutets engagement in the Inner Development Goals initiative will contribute to a more sustainable workinglife for all staff, students, and managers at Karolinska Institutet and make us better prepared to take on complex challenges through increased knowledge, focus and development of the inner capacities needed.