Published: 01-11-2021 08:58 | Updated: 09-11-2021 10:00

Have your picture taken in Biomedicum in November

Between 15-26 November, all employees in Biomedicum can have their picture taken by a professional photographer on site in Biomedicum, room CO335. Further instructions and a booking request will be sent out soon.

For those of you who lack a portrait picture on your personal profile page, or haven’t had a picture taken by a professional photographer, this is a great opportunity to update your personal profile page at with a new picture.

The profile page at is almost always the first hit when you google an employee’s name. Nearly 90% of the traffic to a profile page originates from a search engine.

More information about how to update your profile page


If you have questions regarding the distribution of costs, please contact the Head of the Administration at your department. Please don’t hesitate to contact your departments communication officers if you need help with your profile page.

Charlotte Brandt

Communication officer MTC and Neuro

Tabea Kemna

Communication officer at MBB

Linda Lindell

Communication officer at CMB

Sara Lidman

Communication officer at MTC and FyFa


Eva Palmer Head of unit