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Happy summer - and some tips on good reads for the holiday

Here are some tips on good reads for the holidays, from Unit for Teaching and Learning. Happy summer!

Webinar: Universal Design of a learning environment: A Journey and not a Destination

The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre
A recorded webinar on UDL (Universal Design for Learning).

Universal Design of a learning environment: A Journey and not a Destination

Report: GUNi World Report Special Issue - New Visions for Higher Education towards 2030

Global University Network for Innovation

"Entitled “New Visions for Higher Education Institutions towards 2030”, the 8th edition of the GUNi Higher Education in the World Report series analyses the state of Higher Education in the world, and seeks to respond to the need for Higher Education Institutions to transform themselves in the light of major global changes."

GUNi World Report Special Issue

Book: UDL and Blended Learning

Katie Novak, Catlin Tucker

UDL and Blended Learning
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"This approachable, in-depth guide unites the adaptability of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) with the flexibility of blended learning, equipping educators with the tools they need to create relevant, authentic, and meaningful learning pathways to meet students where they're at, no matter the time and place or their pace and path.

With step-by-step guidance and clear strategies, authors Katie Novak and Catlin Tucker empower teachers to implement these frameworks in the classroom, with a focus on cultivating community, building equity, and increasing accessibility for all learners."

UDL and Blended Learning

Web course: Accessibility in digital environments

The purpose of this online resource is to guide you in making accessible digital learning environments (for example digital course rooms and accessible documents). Accessibility in digital environments

Book: Designs for Research, Teaching and Learning - A framework for future education 

Lisa Björklund Boistrup, Staffan Selander

"This boook offers a cohorent theoretical and multimodal perspective on research, teaching and learning in different non-formal, semi-formal and formal learning environments." 

Designs for Research, Teaching and Learning (open access)

Video: Teambased learning (TBL) 

Video as an introduction to TBL (only in Swedish). 

TBL i praktiken 

Web: Canvas functionality

An overview of the most widely used features with recommendations on how you can use and adapt these for your course room. Canvas functionality


Courses for the Autumn

Happy summer!

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