Published: 05-09-2018 19:30 | Updated: 05-09-2018 21:50

Håkan Eriksson receive the Grand Silver Medal 2018

Professor emeritus Håkan Eriksson is awarded the medal for his exceptional contributions to KI and to Swedish medical research.

Håkan Eriksson is distinguished by a strong and innovative research career within reproduction biology, but also his extensive contributions to KI and to Swedish research policy.

For fifteen years he was the Director of Studies at the Department of Medical Chemistry, and a driving force behind efforts to strengthen the clinical connection of the education.

His work was of crucial importance, particular during the 1990s, when KI underwent a period of great change. The result of these changes included more efficient processes and higher quality research, education and collaboration throughout KI.

During 1993-1999 he was the Chairman of the Department of Women's and Children's Health

The Grand Silver Medal 2018 from Karolinska Institutet is awarded to Laura Fratiglioni, Bertil Fredholm and Håkan Eriksson. They are given the medal for their great contributions to support KI’s activities.
The medals will be awarded in conjunction with the installation ceremony in Aula Medica in October.